OLAF project about Big Data

Last updated: 2023-02-08 15:02

The successful implementation of the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) project “Enhancing the analytical capacity of law enforcement authorities to detect and prevent fraud and corruption affecting the financial interests of the EU" has provided the participants with the necessary knowledge to understand the Big Data analysis strategies, structure, quality assurance, when processing and analysing various types of big data, which has improved the capacity of law enforcement officers in ensuring the protection of the financial interests of the EU and in the investigation of corruption-related offences.

The project contributed to the activities of the EPAC/EACN Working Group on Big Data, an international organization uniting more than 100 European anti-corruption authorities and police oversight bodies The project is funded by the OLAF-Hercule III programme, which promotes the exchange of knowledge and good practice in the identification and management of corruption and fraud risks detrimentally affecting EU financial interests. 

STT, after completing an international project on Big Data analysis for fraud and corruption investigations in 2022, is launching video lectures, teaching material and a publication that provides a structured overview of the training courses on identifying corruption and fraud risks using big data analysis.

You can download the publication here.

Video lectures and teaching material:

1. Chris Pallaris: Establishing a Big Data strategy

2. Mihály Fazekas: A way forward for better protection of the EU financial interests

3. Michael Lohmuller: Using publicly available information to expose transnational illicit networks

One-day practical follow-up workshop