Report about corruption


Can I make a report anonymously?

Occasionally, callers prefer to be anonymous, however, STT staff have a far greater chance of successfully following up reports if callers provide precise information not only about their concerns, but also identifying who they are. This also helps STT to check back with them as follow-up action develops.

Is there any difference in the treatment of a whistleblower, depending on the way a report has been made?

No. STT values all information provided in good faith, by any means, by citizens who are willing to help in the fight against corruption in their society.

Who will know I have been a whistleblower? How will STT contact me after I’ve made a report? Will I be embarrassed in front of my family, friends, or work colleagues?

STT staff members are highly experienced and sensitive to the identity concerns of anyone making a corruption report. If requested, they will ensure the confidentiality of all details and information provided to them.

What happens after I’ve reported, non-anonymously, and I’m willing to testify?

Cases differ, but a typical case would involve the following procedures: statement(s); a pre-trial investigation; a trial; an appeal process.